Good Food. Week 2. Reasons To Forage & Visiting The Kitchen in Falmouth

Hello, friends! It’s frinally friyay and I’m excited to be sharing this post with you!

At the start of my summer – when Cornwall was still home and I wasn’t snowed in by deadline work, I had time to enjoy slow mornings in the sun with good company and delicious food. This particular morning was enjoyed at The Kitchen, one of Falmouth’s newer gems… And by “new” I mean, the beginning of 2017. (Did I mention this post has been sitting in my draft folder since May?) Anyway, grab your coffee and have a read!

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The Kitchen is famed for its locally foraged ingredients. Fresh, healthy, sustainable and SO worth trying it for yourself. The menu is set with fewer options, usually providing a meat/fish/veg option, accompanied by delightful flavours, completely unique and nothing like I had ever tasted before. I decided to go for the eggs and when they arrived I was so glad I did. Presented incredibly well, I’d say it’s about as close to foraged-fine-dining a Falmouth dish could get!

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You might be reading this and wondering what exactly foraging is, well, if you don’t live in Cornwall you might not be totally aware, and that’s okay – simply put, it is the gathering of food “by hunting, fishing or collecting wild plant matter“.

Foraged ingredients are fresher, more unusual, more diverse, and more flavorful than its garden-variety descendants. Here are a couple reasons to give foraging a go yourself,


Some other people have said foraging changes your vision, it opens your eyes up to notice what you might have previously missed. It also reveals the abundance of nature. It shows us that nature is always looking for ways to help us, it is full of so many wonderful treasures that were made for us to enjoy! Delicious and delightful! And this very reason is reason enough for us to get better at caring for nature. If we focused more of our energy on governing and growing all the elements nature has for us, we are bound to live so much better, in a far nicer world.

There are many reasons why embracing foraged ingredients in your everyday life is worth trying, however, I am definitely no expert on this subject and can only join you in discovering more as we become more aware and conscious of its benefits. And, as The Kitchen has proven, turning foraged ingredients into a foodie-delight is 100% attainable.

Recently I’ve been reminded to just stop… To pause and listen to my body.

I didn’t realize just how much it communicates with me. The things I put in it that it really doesn’t like – and the things it does. Paying closer attention to what your body is doing will help you nourish it well. And in turn, it will be much kinder to you, getting you further, growing in health and wellness, and if you’re lucky, it will do it all while looking exceptionally sexy, and who doesn’t want that?

So be kind to your body, be kind to the world around you, open your eyes to seeing new things and make sure you visit The Kitchen next time you’re in Falmouth! (Even if it’s just for a coffee!)

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If these photos aren’t enough to convince you, go give their Instagram page a like!

“It’s all from here. Music is from there.”

Find them on the old High St | Old Brewery YardFalmouth TR112BY


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