The most ‘instagrammable’ coffee spot in Durban (this week)

We cannot deny that there is a new kind of ‘joy’ in society today that is released when a worthy instagram moment presents itself, right? right.

Any frequent instagram user loves the feeling a ‘perfect shot’ brings. From blogger-style #ootd shots in front of your garage door or simply a delicious sugar-dairy-gluten-free-meal at your local café, you know your style, and we cannot deny to all have a chosen poison when it comes to instagram photos and accompanying vsco-filters… ha!

Anyway, I digress… I’ve been back in my hometown this last week, enjoying a couple days off, galavanting around my hometown with some old friends. Amidst one of the many cups of coffee last weekend, I realized I was sitting at in Durban’s most instagrammable spot. So without anymore unnecessary rambling, here it is…

A cup of coffee at Durban’s all-too-familiar Moyo uShaka on the Pier. Most local Durbanites will respond to this as ‘old news’, just as I did when first suggested to me. In my mind Moyo was always reserved for cocktails at sunset, never a go-to-coffee spot on a Saturday morning.. but boy was I wrong!

We hired bikes and cycled the promenade, ending at Moyo for an above average cup of coffee (I apologies that my coffee snob within couldn’t say ‘amazing’).

Sitting a few feet above the ocean, looking out at the 50 shades of blue, an ever growing cityscape stretching all the way down to uMhlanga, the surfers and happy paddlers, sun shining on my face… it was all too perfect! And here is the photo to prove it;


So, this is it. The most instagrammable coffee spot in Durban… at the moment.

Sidenote: A very big shoutout to Moyo for turning on their coffee machine and letting us up early despite not being “officially” open yet! I hope you have a brilliant year of coffee sales! 




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