Cornwall Camping In December

Yesterday I had to make a little trip to Waitrose to hunt down some medjool dates to make sugar-free mince pies for Christmas day. Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that opening sentence sounds, but hear me out for a second because it's Christmas, and we all do silly things at Christmas. Wandering through the … Continue reading Cornwall Camping In December


It Hit Me Driving Home For Christmas

'The highway sets the travellers stage' a poignant line from one of my favourite road trip songs and the perfect access point for this post that is staged on a 'highway', or if you're british, a motorway. Yesterday I spent five and a half hours on the road, 'driving home for christmas' in my trusty beast, … Continue reading It Hit Me Driving Home For Christmas

A Present Heart For Christmas

Following my previous post, Preparing My Heart For Christmas ... Having lived a split life between the northern and southern hemisphere, I have become very accustomed to spending Christmas in two very opposing ways. One is down south, usually around 32 degree heat and the family can be found in the pool, playing water volleyball, in between … Continue reading A Present Heart For Christmas