Sunday Brunchin’ East London – 3 Spots Worth Visiting

"I love brunch" - a sentence that's hard to disagree with. Breakfast at lunch, champagne before noon and a brilliant reason to sleep in after 7am. Brunch is community. Brunch is a brilliant first world tradition, most commonly practiced on a Sunday "with the girls". According to the internet, "we accept the brunch we think … Continue reading Sunday Brunchin’ East London – 3 Spots Worth Visiting


I’m back! (again)

Be kind to yourself, there is so much grace. Being creative today is far more valuable than it's ever been before! Address problems with fresh eyes. Work from your heart not from your head. Be bold and knock on the door of your wildest dream, especially if it scares you! Do that thing. Chase it down and claim it as your own. Life is a wonderful process, cultivate and grow in each season! It's wild and exciting, and sometimes we just need a little reminding.