#youdoyou Day 1 of my #28daysofSTUFFTHATMATTERS

Possibly the best thing I read all week:

“I stopped explaining myself the minute I realized people only understand from their level of perception”

There’s a reason ‪#‎youdoyou‬ has been tagged 64,527 times on good ol’ Instagram… Perspective is everything. In a world where we are permanently connected and always sharing details of our lives, people forget that they might, perhaps, not know the full story. It’s important to remember often what your friends are posting online is just the ‘highlight reel’ of their lives. And with that comes judgement and criticism, in fact, doing the opposite and being negative on social platforms comes with judgement too! So moral of this story; YOU DO YOU.

Judgement has no place in my life and it shouldn’t in yours.

Keep loving, supporting and striving for peace with everyone around you!



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