‘TIME’ day 3 of my #28daysofstuffthatmatters

Hello Day 3! With it being a leap year, and today being our extra day, I thought bringing attention to time would be appropriate. And because our time is so precious, I'm keeping this post under 300 words.. Ready, set, go! BIG QUESTION: What do YOU consider time well spent? Really think about that for a moment. FOLLOW … Continue reading ‘TIME’ day 3 of my #28daysofstuffthatmatters


28 Days of ‘Stuff That Matters’

Hello! Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that wherever you are, the sun is shining & you're having a great day... if not, click here > HERE or HERE. Great, now that everyone is smiling, let's talk about STUFF THAT MATTERS! Does everyone remember that one time in 2014 when instagram was full of #100daysofhappiness posts? Or … Continue reading 28 Days of ‘Stuff That Matters’

#youdoyou Day 1 of my #28daysofSTUFFTHATMATTERS

Possibly the best thing I read all week: "I stopped explaining myself the minute I realized people only understand from their level of perception" There's a reason ‪#‎youdoyou‬ has been tagged 64,527 times on good ol' Instagram... Perspective is everything. In a world where we are permanently connected and always sharing details of our lives, … Continue reading #youdoyou Day 1 of my #28daysofSTUFFTHATMATTERS

Things To Do Instead of Play On Your Phone.

Coming from someone that falls victim to countless hours lost by staring at screens I've embarked on being a whole lot more intentional with my time, starting with LESS time playing on my phone. Living in a country that predicts a 'high chance of rain' no matter what season you're in, resorting to taking out … Continue reading Things To Do Instead of Play On Your Phone.